Nanci Heredia

I met Nanci at a New Year's Eve party. When I first laid eyes on her it was love at first sight, and she felt the same. When the countdown ended, we walked toward each other, kissed, and hugged. When my mother met Nanci she said, "You are going to drop all others like hot potatoes!" We were inseparable for the next 26 years.
In 1995 I took Nanci to meet my father's side of the family. She was the only woman I ever took to meet my family in Mexico and in Texas. Nanci was "The One." That same year we moved into our first apartment in North Hollywood. We were young, happy and in love. We bought our first house in the city of San Fernando, and Cristian, Jordan and Taylor were born.
In December 2003 I moved to Bakersfield while Nanci and the kids stayed in San Fernando until we bought a house. She and the kids made the move in June 2004. Bakersfield is where we raised our family. We did everything together. Our kids were involved in all kinds of activities; we were known as the "George Lopez Show family" or the "Gabe & Nanci Show" by the rest of the family. In Bakersfield we met many great people and families who became friends for life.
In 2006 we decided to strike out on our own, and founded Heredia Cabling Solutions, Inc. In the beginning we both battled anxiety, as we did not know if we could make it. But by having faith, commitment, and never quitting, we made HCS what it is today. Nanci was my biggest cheerleader, motivator, best friend, confidant...she was my everything, the love of my life!

Gabe Heredia

Nanci si algiuen dia te ese mal perdona mi. Te fuiste muy temprano y nos ases mucha falte a todos en especial a tus hijos. Te quiero mucho. Tu papa.

Jose Maldonado


Nanci te quiero mucho y nos ases falta. Pero le doy gracias a Dios por los nietos que me diste y mi yerno Gabriel. Te ama tu mama.

Maria Maldonado


My mom was not only a human resource to my family and I, she was also one of my friends. Everyone knew her as "The Mom," and knew what her purpose here was. She was an unofficial lawyer, psychiatrist, career planner, peacemaker, and detective. Her open heart and mind helped many. My mom was pure. She was not a woman of storytelling. Her sincerity was heavenly, especially in a world of fabrication. My mom was a "doer." She was ambitious, and willing to jump into any kind of situation. She was enterprising, and never hesitated.

Jordan Heredia


When I think of myself as a grown woman, I hope I am just like my mother. She was, and still is, my inspiration. She was so intelligent, warm-hearted, strong, and much more. My mother was so good at taking care of everything and everyone around her. She would put the needs of others before her own. My mother was everything. An amazing wife, a mother, a friend. I'm so lucky to be able to call her my mother and have someone like her to look up to. I thank her for who I am becoming today as a young lady.

Taylor Heredia


To talk about my mom, I wouldn’t know where to start. She was the only person to take care of us all. Now we must remember what she taught us to take care of each other. I believe she fulfilled her purpose as a mother to teach us how to stabilize our passions physically, mentally, and emotionally. God took her from us to become an angel so she can guide each of us spiritually. She left a piece of her within each of us so that we can fulfill our purpose and finish our journey. We shall see her again when our time comes.


The first memory that I can recall of my mother is seeing her lay clothes on the bed in front of me to dress me up. This was at the first house in San Fernando, she would have to take me to her job, and I was to sit in the break room until she was done. I remember she would have to drop me off and pick me up from either my grandparents’ house or school.


Moving to Bakersfield was a major change, I loved how my mother would be good friends with my friends’ parents. It made adapting to Bakersfield smoother for us. This is when the parties started, at least for me I can remember the Bakersfield ones. My mother knew how to talk to people, if she loved you, you would know, and if she disliked you, you would know. This was something I learned from her as I grew up, even if I was the shyest sibling. This gift she had, socializing with people, was something that benefited not only the family but the business as well.


My mother built this business with my father from the ground up. She managed everything financially which helped the business stay on its two feet even with obstacles in its path. Even if I had my own goals after college, I regret not jumping into her position so that she could focus more on herself.


When I left for college I learned how to take care of myself. And although eighteen is just a number, I clearly remember calling my mother for everything. College was great, but I feel as if I could have spent those four years with my mother instead. The one thing that I always missed was a homemade meal from her. I should have just taken her with me during those four years in college. Even if she wasn’t around during college, she somehow managed to know exactly what I was doing and how I was feeling. Now that’s a mother everyone would want, and I am delighted to call her my mother.


She is still with us spiritually.

She will be loved by me forever.


Mother, thank you for everything.


Cristian Heredia


I loved the daughter, wife, and mother you were, but the thing I loved most was the sister you were! I miss you every day. What I remember most about you when we were young is you always being there to do my hair for parties and picture day. Those memories and more I will treasure for many years to come. Thank you for being my amazing sister! I love you and miss you.

Ana Maldonado


Your memory is my keepsake with which I will never part. God has you in his keeping, and I have you in my heart.

Christina Maldonado


Thank you for being a wonderful sister; you'll always have a place in my heart.

Jose Maldonado


I look up to the sky and talk to you. What I wouldn't give to hear you talk back. I miss your voice, I miss your laughter, I miss everything about you.

Elizabeth Maldonado